Brand Work

The goal is to make it not look like an ad.

With over ten years of experience as a magician and director, Dave focuses on making branded content as entertaining and high production as possible. To get in touch with management for a brand deal with Dave, head over to the contact page and fill out the form! Dave does both dedicated videos as well as ad reads for all his content whether on YouTube or his podcasts. We would love to work with you! 😀

Atomos – Dedicated Video

Dedicated videos are the most creative way to engage your audience. The point of these types of ads is to make them as entertaining as possible. With Dave’s performance, directing, and writing background, a dedicated ad could be the perfect fit for your needs. Interested? Hit us up!

Oxygen Bank – Ad Read

This is an example of what an “ad read” looks like featured on the Kinotika YouTube channel. Kinotika has over 75,000 subscribers and an active and engaged audience of like-minded tech and camera gear enthusiasts. The ad reads that we have done in the past include companies like Squarespace, Hover, and Storyblocks. Interested in working with Dave? We’d love to hear from you.